Top 5 Reasons To Meal Prep

Top 5 Reasons To Meal Prep

Meal Prep Your Way To Time Freedom, Health, and Wealth

Time is money, and money is time . . . at least that’s how the popular saying goes. And in today’s fast paced, technologically savvy, and go-go-go society, time is the single most important currency you will ever have. After your health of course. And you can have it all, if you choose to do so

Picture this . . . you have had the most exhausting day at work and you look forward to going to the gym on your way home from work, except, you remember that you have no dinner cooked at home. You realize that your fridge is empty, save for some condiments and some bottles of wine. Feeling overwhelmed, you think, The gym can wait, I can always go to my workout tomorrow. I’ll go grab some groceries now and meal prep for the rest of the week.

Finally at the grocery store as you browse each aisle, you pick up your “must have” items: cereal, fruits, veggies, some protein sources, and snacks. You hear a rather menacing growl and for a moment, you panic, only to realize that it was your stomach growling. I am so freaking hungry, I could eat a buffet right now. You check your cell phone for the time and notice you’ve been grocery shopping for almost two hours; You race frantically to the cashier but are enticed by the aroma of the instant food-to-go counter strategically placed near the checkout lanes. A detour is in order. You end up binge ordering some fried chicken, potato wedges, mac and cheese, and a small salad (to ease the guilt).

You arrive home “hangry,” tired, and of course feeling guilty that you spent money on fast food while you also purchased groceries. You are too drained to meal prep now and resort to scarfing down your food-to-go items. Meanwhile, the fresh groceries get shoved into the fridge, afterall, cutting, dicing, batch prepping can wait for another day, just like the gym, just like your health. Those new year, new you resolutions can wait yet another day. Feeling dejected, you wish you had more time in your day to do all the things you want. For now, barely surviving each day will have to do.


Does this sound like you or anyone else you know? You want to feel better, look better, and have more energy moving from day to day rather than resorting to instant, right here, right now solutions. You are so ready to make a change, but just don’t know how or where to start. Well, we are here to help you change the course of your timeline - by giving you back the gift of your time and health through the magic of Clean Meals and our farm-to-table concept meal delivery service.

Still baffled as to how you can gain time freedom and more with meal prep services? Below are 5 reasons to start meal prepping today:


  • Save time. Meal prep services can save you hours of time and makes transitioning from the fast food, instant food lifestyle much easier as there is always a healthy meal already prepared and ready for you. Imagine having almost an extra eight to ten hours in your week to do whatever it is you like. Be it going to networking events or spending time with loved ones, partaking in more fitness activities or even going on a R&R getaway. There is nothing like having time freedom.

  • Save money. Simply put, meal prep services can help you save money because a) you know exactly what you are paying for - there are a variety of packages and options that can be customized to suit your lifestyle. And b) you are less tempted to spend money on takeout or fast food because you finally have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner all prepared and accounted for. Lastly, c) use the money you save each month from your meal prep service as a mini investment into your physical, mental, emotional, and financial wellbeing.

  • Avoid temptation and stay in charge. Having healthy meals prepped for you, ready to eat at your convenience means that you no longer have to worry about having a pack of Cheetos for dinner or leftover pizza for breakfast ever again. This also means that you will be able to sustain your lifestyle change and stick to eating clean and healthy each day. Meal prep will also show you that food can be nutritious and tasty at the same time. Whoever said kale had to be boring? Or that tofu or chicken had to be bland and rubbery? You can stay in charge of your health and have fun while doing so.

  • Reduce stress. Remember the version of you in the grocery store story? The person in that story was stressed. They were stressed because they had no meals prepped. No time in their day to live life the way they desired. They were constantly running on empty because they weren’t fuelling their body with the right nutrition or even enough of it. Stress itself is one of the leading causes of multiple illnesses. So save yourself and your family by checking one huge item off the list and find a meal prep service that works for you. Meal prep services can reduce your stress levels by providing you a daily supply of healthy meals all designed to boost your immunity, build your muscle, and help you stay fit, train lean, and live clean.

  • Helps maintain a sustainable ecosystem. Not only is meal prepping healthy and economically friendly, it is also environmentally friendly. By making a conscious choice to eat clean, eat local and eat sustainably, the benefits are twofold. You get to live a healthier, happier life while helping local farmers and small businesses sustain themselves and together, everyone thrives! Additionally, you reduce food waste because all meals are portioned into the exact portions of macro and micro nutrients needed to help satiate your appetite, nourish your body, and sustain as fuel for you to thrive every single day. What’s not to love?
  • At Clean Meals, we go for maximum impact and maximum results. What better way than to serve the environment, vote with your dollar, and also benefit your health and lifestyle! Curious about what our meal prep menus include and the options available? Fresh, tasty, nourishing, and most of all, wallet, health, and environmentally friendly. We promise you will want to keep the meals flowing!

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    What does ‘clean eating’ really mean?

    What does ‘clean eating’ really mean?

    Clean eating is the consumption of food in its natural form, which makes it a rich and nutritious meal with environmentally friendly choices. Consistent clean eating with the balance of healthy choices, a person begins to display changes in how they eat, how much they eat and when they eat.  All these factors drive one towards healthy attitude for both themselves and foods.

    Additionally, a person should focus on finding the cleanest and freshest foods, which at certain times adds an unwanted amount of stress when preparing the food or simply eating. This is where Clean Meals steps into the picture, we want to take all your stress away, so you can be focused on what really matters – your health. Clean Meals prepares nutritionally balanced gourmet meals locally sourced ingredients and deliver them to your door. Let the focus be on the Clean Meals’ certified team of food loving professionals: nutritionists, chefs and creative to prepare the flavourful meals. Our aim is to make ‘clean eating’ simple and enjoyable. Adopt a cleaner and a healthier lifestyle with Clean Meals – eating mindfully will lead to an improved and enriched lifestyle.

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    Eating Healthy to Fit In THE DRESS !!!

    Eating Healthy to Fit In THE DRESS !!!

    As winter comes to an end, and the sun and rain clean up what’s left of the snow, we all prepare ourselves for the season that a lot of us dread. What season is that you ask? Wedding Season. Now if you’re about to get married, congratulations and if you’re the bridesmaid, let’s hope the dress isn’t too bad. Wedding season always brings one stressful yet important question, What do I wear? If you’re the bride (or groom), this question is slightly easier to answer, however, you’ll certainly want to look your best on your special day. The reason this question stresses us out is because over the cuffinghibernating…winter season, we may have allowed ourselves to add a few pounds by having those extra Christmas cookies.

    Instead of fretting and ruining your expensive manicure by biting your nails, let help you “say yes to the dress (or suit)” by prepping a healthy and balanced diet for you. There will be enough decisions to make as your special day approaches, let take one decision, What do I eat?, away from you. By letting take care of your meals, it also helps you maintain your balanced diet, and even achieve new weight loss goals (damn those Christmas cookies!). can work with you to meet your goals no matter what they are!

    If you’ve read any of our previous posts, you know how important eating healthy can be when working to achieve weight loss goals and how important a balanced diet can be on your physical and mental health. As you prepare for your big day, you’ll obviously want to be in peak mental and physical shape and celebrate with your partner and friends and family. By allowing to provide you with a healthy and balanced diet, you take the first (and likely most important step) to fitting into your dress and celebrating what promises to be one the best days of your life. 

    As you and your partner plan your future together, you can both join and experiment with our chef prepare menu options. We continuously work with our team of nutritionists and chefs to improve our menu and give you a variety of healthy, nutritious and delicious menu options that will ensure you’re never sick of our food. Don’t let your big day stress you out and make sure you enjoy the moment, and most importantly let be part of your celebration by providing you with worry-free healthy and balanced meals as the day approaches.

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    Workout & Healthy Eating: 300% Better Results

    Workout & Healthy Eating: 300% Better Results

    Let me paint a little picture – it’s 8pm, you’ve just finished a 90 minute workout (spin class, crossfit, yoga, whatever you choose), you are famished as you leave and think to yourself, I need to eat something, let me grab this . You justify eating something quick and dirty because your body feels good after the workout and you figure you burned off the calories already. This in fact may be doing a lot more damage to your health goals than you realize, as we discussed in Post #1, 70% is eating healthy and what you put in your body before and after your fitness regime can make a huge impact on your success.

    If you were to google Benefits of Balanced Diet and Exercise, you’d find countless results and pages of lists detailing all the benefits, including mental health, physical health, and a host of other reasons – if you’re interested, our friends at Greatist have a list. We’ll detail some of the more important benefits in the next paragraph, for now though we’ll focus on how Cleanmeals takes the stress and worry out of a balanced diet. Instead of browsing the aisles of the supermarket googling each item to ensure it is meeting your needs, allow’s team of professionals to create balanced meals and all you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for them to arrive and then enjoy. has a team of nutritionists that create every meal to ensure you are receiving the proper balance of nutrients and proteins and it is their job to create a balanced meal for you. By combining a workout regime and eating clean with, you are likely to see 300% better results than by just exercise alone. One of the key ingredients people overlook is as you increase your fitness and your workouts, you really want to increase your protein as well. In 2016, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published research showing the benefits of increased protein consumption coupled with exercise; the two major benefits being building more muscle while losing more fat. The benefits of increasing your protein intake aren’t limited to building muscle and losing fat, there are numerous other benefits including:

    • stabilize your blood sugar levels
    • improve your ability to learn and concentrate
    • educe brain fog
    • boost your energy levels
    • support your muscles and bones
    • and support the absorption of important nutrients

    If you owned an exotic sports car, you would be sure to fill it up with premium fuel, you would make sure to use high grade oil and the fluid levels would be topped up. Now think of your body has an exotic sports car, you want to make sure you fill up with premium fuel (your proteins and grains), you want to keep to use high grade oil (your greens) and top up your fluid levels (drink plenty of water). By keeping your body full of the RIGHT kinds of fuels, you’ll see greater results in achieving your health and fitness goals. Let fill you up daily and keep you performing at your best.

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    Atkins. Zone. Keto. South Beach. Paleo. I’m sure you’ve heard of at least one if not all of these diets. What about the following diets, have you ever heard of them? Can you guess which one isn’t a real diet?

    • Macrobiotic
    • Cabbage Soup
    • Paleolithic
    • Fruitarianism
    • Bible
    • Shangri-La
    • Fletcherizing
    • Breatharianism
    • Sleeping Beauty
    • Tapeworm

    So, did you figure it out? Which one is a made up diet? If you guess none of them, congratulations! That’s right, all of those diets were or are real diets that people followed. In case you haven’t guessed today’s post is Dieting vs. Eating Healthy.

    Dieting has been around a long time as an “easy” way to lose weight, and that is the main issue with most diets – there is no “easy fix”. The focus of the diet is not eating healthy or have balanced meals, it is about losing weight. As we discussed in our last post, 70% of achieving your goals is eating healthy and this is far more important than cutting out carbs or fats or whatever the latest fad diet is. Dieting can also be harmful because you don’t always get the required nutrients you body needs and by cutting out certain foods, you may find yourself craving them and then binging on them. Instead of cutting out certain foods, it’s a lot healthier to have everything in moderation. That is where Clean Meals comes in, we will work with you to make sure you have a variety of options to satisfy those cravings and ensure you are getting proper nutrients.

    By ensuring you eat healthy, your body receives all it’s required nutrients and you don’t have to cut out certain foods or food groups – it’s all about balance. I’m sure we’ve all seen ads or marketing on diets and how they can be successful, however, time and time again the research proves that dieting is not the answer. In 2007, UCLA researched reported in an issue of American Psychologist, “You can initially lose 5 to 10 percent of your weight on any number of diets, but then the weight comes back.” Traci Mann, the lead author of the study also reported, “We found that the majority of people regained all the weight, plus more. Sustained weight loss was found only in a small minority of participants, while complete weight regain was found in the majority. Diets do not lead to sustained weight loss or health benefits for the majority of people.” This is not the only study that shows that dieting is not the solution; in 2016 The New York Times cited a diet industry report that read, “In 2002, 231 million Europeans attempted some form of diet. Of these only 1 percent will achieve permanent weight loss.”

    Dieting may seem like an appealing “quick fix”, however, in the long run you are just as likely to return to your original weight if not a heavier one. The real solution is eating healthy and making sure you’re not depriving your body of important nutrients. There are a lot of risks that can be associated with dieting including:

    • Nutritional Deficiencies
    • Metabolic Problems
    • Muscle Loss

    The above are just some of the risks involved with diets. Instead of taking the risk, let Clean Meals build a healthy eating plan that meets your needs. Whether you are vegan, a meat-lover, or want a little bit of both, Clean Meals has a diverse menu that is sure to keep you feeling full without the risks of dieting.

    No matter what your goals are, be sure to keep in mind that eating healthy and a balance of diet and exercise is the most trusted way to lose weight, feel healthy, have a lot of energy and otherwise enjoy life. Beware of any fads promising extreme weight loss and stick to a healthy diet consisting of vital nutrients; this is the surest way to achieve your goals.

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    70% is Eating Healthy

    70% is Eating Healthy

    New Year. New You. That’s what everyone is talking about as we begin 2018. What exactly does that mean? What if you like the old you? Did anything really change at the stroke of midnight on Dec.31? Or is it all a mentality? Do we use the clock striking twelve and the corresponding fireworks and champagne as a catalyst for change? Whether or not 2018 brings a “New You” there is probably a reason you are reading this blog post, there is most likely something you want to change or improve in 2018. Whether it is losing weight, gaining muscle, or eating healthier, at the end of the day you just want to “feel better.” No matter what your intention is in 2018, 70% of it is eating healthy, that leaves the remaining 30% up to you.

    What are some of the challenges you face when trying to eat healthy? Not sure what good or bad fats are? Is there enough protein in your meal? Are you balancing your diet correctly? Unless you’re a nutritionist or dietician, there is a lot of (mis)information out there and sifting through all the do’s and don’ts can be a daunting task.

    Clean Meals is here to help you eat healthy and #EatClean. We have a large menu consisting of locally-sourced ingredients that is sure to satisfy all your needs. By ensuring your meals have the right combination of nutrients, calories and proteins, Clean Meals gives you more time to work on the other 30%. If 70% of achieving your goal is as simple as eating healthy, it only makes sense to allow Clean Meals to handle that and to provide you with fresh and nutritious meals.

    Balance is a word you hear thrown around a lot lately, but other than standing on one leg, what is balance good for? There really is such a thing as too much of a good thing and that’s why balance is so important. Clean Meals will allow you more time to find that important balance – by not having to buy groceries, prep and cook your meal and then cleaning up, you’ll have a lot more time to focus on yourself and the important things. Even if it means an extra 15 minutes everyday that you can spend at the gym, or meditate or even if it’s to binge on that extra episode, that is all part of balance.

    Balance is also something we consider when we create the Clean Meals, we want you to be able to eat your favourite dishes, while also eating clean. Eating clean doesn’t mean there is a lack of taste either, all our meals taste great and keep you feeling your best. Do you ever wish you had more hours in a day? Countless tasks to achieve and never enough time. This is also a huge benefit of using Clean Meals – spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your meals and working towards those goals.

    New Year. New You. As you begin on your journey to a happier and healthier 2018, be sure to #eatclean, practice balance in all aspects of your life, and remember 70% of achieving your goals is as simple as eating healthy.

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