Workout & Healthy Eating: 300% Better Results

by Clean Meals

Let me paint a little picture – it’s 8pm, you’ve just finished a 90 minute workout (spin class, crossfit, yoga, whatever you choose), you are famished as you leave and think to yourself, I need to eat something, let me grab this . You justify eating something quick and dirty because your body feels good after the workout and you figure you burned off the calories already. This in fact may be doing a lot more damage to your health goals than you realize, as we discussed in Post #1, 70% is eating healthy and what you put in your body before and after your fitness regime can make a huge impact on your success.

If you were to google Benefits of Balanced Diet and Exercise, you’d find countless results and pages of lists detailing all the benefits, including mental health, physical health, and a host of other reasons – if you’re interested, our friends at Greatist have a list. We’ll detail some of the more important benefits in the next paragraph, for now though we’ll focus on how Cleanmeals takes the stress and worry out of a balanced diet. Instead of browsing the aisles of the supermarket googling each item to ensure it is meeting your needs, allow’s team of professionals to create balanced meals and all you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for them to arrive and then enjoy. has a team of nutritionists that create every meal to ensure you are receiving the proper balance of nutrients and proteins and it is their job to create a balanced meal for you. By combining a workout regime and eating clean with, you are likely to see 300% better results than by just exercise alone. One of the key ingredients people overlook is as you increase your fitness and your workouts, you really want to increase your protein as well. In 2016, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published research showing the benefits of increased protein consumption coupled with exercise; the two major benefits being building more muscle while losing more fat. The benefits of increasing your protein intake aren’t limited to building muscle and losing fat, there are numerous other benefits including:

  • stabilize your blood sugar levels
  • improve your ability to learn and concentrate
  • educe brain fog
  • boost your energy levels
  • support your muscles and bones
  • and support the absorption of important nutrients

If you owned an exotic sports car, you would be sure to fill it up with premium fuel, you would make sure to use high grade oil and the fluid levels would be topped up. Now think of your body has an exotic sports car, you want to make sure you fill up with premium fuel (your proteins and grains), you want to keep to use high grade oil (your greens) and top up your fluid levels (drink plenty of water). By keeping your body full of the RIGHT kinds of fuels, you’ll see greater results in achieving your health and fitness goals. Let fill you up daily and keep you performing at your best.