Healthy Meal Prep Delivery

Clean Meals delivers fresh, gourmet recipes straight to you through our weekly delivery service. All recipes are created by certified nutritionists and executed by professional chefs for fresh meal delivery to your door. This guarantees maximum nutrition and flavor in every dish – all at less than 500 calories for each meal!

With a dedication to speedy and reliable delivery and health through clean eating, Clean Meals sends you food that’s equally as nutritious as it is delicious.


Save Time and Money

Weekly meal delivery from Clean Meals will ultimately save time and money. With all meals ready to eat in under three minutes, you’ll cut down on meal prep and cooking time during an already busy week.

With flexible weekly meal plan options starting at $75, there’s something for everyone. Meals average out at less than $12 a meal depending on the plan selected. Most plans come with the flexibility to customize the menu – selecting between vegan options or meat options with lunch and dinner meals available.


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More than a Meal

Food feeds the soul, which is why mealtime is so important. Whether this is your time to recharge alone or connect with others, mealtime should be relaxing. Clean Meals is more than a meal: it takes away the work needed to prepare food and gives you an opportunity to unwind.

The peace of mind that comes with knowing meals are locally sourced, balanced, nutritious, and fresh will make your daily experience much more relaxing. We believe the pressure to cook breakfast, lunch, or dinner should never compromise your day – mealtime should always enhance your life.


Eat Clean. Live Healthy.