How does it work?

How will my order arrive?

Do I need to/can I return the containers?

What if I have a medical condition requiring specific dietary restrictions?

The Food

What if I have allergies or food preferences? Can I specify that?

How many calories/macros are in each meal?

How to heat the meals?

If I skip a meal, how long is it good for?

Deliveries & Shipping

I have just placed an order, when will I receive it?

What areas do you deliver in?

What if I’m not home at the delivery time?

Can I give your delivery driver a key or access to the delivery location?

Your Account

How do I make changes to my personal information?

How do I receive delivery and order notifications?

Payments & Charges

When will I be charged?

Are there delivery fees or shipping charges?

One-time Purchase VS Subscription

Subscription Cancellation & Refund Policy

Office Catering

Do you provide meals for offices?

Is the menu different?