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We prepare nutritionally balanced gourmet meals from
locally sourced ingredients and deliver them to your door.

Make space for quality in your life.

We are a highly trained group of food loving professionals, nutritionists, chefs, creatives, and one director. We prepare nutritionally balanced gourmet meals from organic, locally sourced ingredients and deliver them to your door.

Save Time. Save Money.

Do you spend your time doing what you love? We do. We perfect things, putting our effort into what matters most to us. Do you worry about your health? Let our nutritionist worry about it for you. They spend their days concerned with balancing your diet. Do you spend too much time thinking about how to make your meals interesting? Let our chef do it for you. They mix and they pair and make tastes that will capture your attention. Do you want to be more conscious about where you spend your money?

Trust us, life can get pretty exciting when you know a nutritious chef-prepared meal is about to be delivered to your door. We all have an ever-growing list of what we would like to do with our spare time, all that remains is finding enough of it to do the things we want. The expectations we have for ourselves are clear. What we’re really short on is time. Clear your schedule. Prioritize. Make time for what is important to you and let us take care of your health and your taste buds.

Our director is shaking hands with local organic farmers, creating sustainable relationships that everyone benefits from. And our creatives get to have fun doing everything else. Whether you are concerned about just tonight, or your entire week, your whole month or year, we’ll design your diet and we deliver anywhere within the Greater Toronto Area.

Our menus are full of focused gourmet meals prepared with organic, locally sourced ingredients. Allow us to clear some space in your schedule so you can make time for quality to show up in your life. We do all the heavy lifting, so-to-speak, so you don’t have to. We concern ourselves with your diet so you can emerge victorious in your other pursuits. Imagine how much more you could accomplish with your day if you didn’t have to worry about the shopping and chopping. Eat Clean Meals is not just an investment in health, but in time, your time to focus on what really needs your attention