F45 Weekly Meals

Monday to Friday lunches and dinners.

Weekly Plan

per week
  • 10 Meals per week
  • Choose Portion Size
  • Meat or Vegan
  • $15.40/meal
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Weekly renewal.

Save huge when you pre-pay!

You could save up to $95 with our prepaid F45 packages.

4 Week Package

save $95
  • 10 Meals per week
  • Choose Portion Size
  • Meat or Vegan
  • as low as $13/meal
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A Clean Meals Success Story!

Meet Samantha Keeper

Clean Meals is one of the reasons why I was able to stick with my meal plan for the entire F45 challenge.

Knowing my food was taken care of freed me up to focus on my training, and gave me zero excuses to cheat on my diet. They follow the F45 recipes exactly which made tracking my macros so easy. The meals were always delicious and their customer service was excellent!

If you are planning on participating in the F45 Challenge I highly recommend using Clean Meals to support your success. My husband and I will be using them again for the next challenge!

Smantha Keeper

Why choose Clean Meals?


Are all of the F45 Meals made by Clean Meals suitable for taking part in the challenge?

  • Yes, all lunch and dinner meals fall within the challenge phase nutritional guidelines.
  • Yes, Clean Meals caters to Monday to Friday lunches and dinners ONLY.
  • Yes, all the recipes are from the app made by f45 in-house nutritionist; Lyn Green.

Are the meals delivered to the gym?

  • No, the meals are delivered directly to the customer’s house over the weekend.

Are the meals frozen?

  • No, all our meals are prepared from fresh produce & delivered chilled.

How should I store the meals once they have been delivered?

  • Once delivered on the weekend the meals go directly in the refrigerator and are good till Friday dinner.
  • All 10 meals for the week are in vacuum sealed individual containers to maintain freshness and avoid going bad as long as they are kept in the refrigerator below 4 degrees temperature.

Are the meals Halal?

  • YES! All meals made by Clean Meals are 100% Halal.
  • All recipes with non halal products like pork or pork products are substituted with chicken.