Clean Meals x F45 Challenge

Clean Meals x F45 Challenge

Clean Meals has been working with F45 since early 2018 to create a synergy to provide meals for everyone taking the 8 week F45 challenge. F45 Training has over 1000 locations globally and is growing on a rapid rate in Canada with over 35 locations already in the short couple of years they have been here.

F45 8-week challenge consists of a 3-phase nutrition program designed to keep you on the right track to achieve your goals. The F45 Challenge was created to push members to keep up with a professionally proportioned meal plan in which the ingredients and recipes are provided and monitored within the F45 Challenge app.

This is where the Clean Meals collaboration comes into the play. Being one of the leaders within the Toronto meal plan industry, Clean Meals team is working hand in hand with F45 team to create Monday-Friday meals using all the locally-sourced top ingredients to bring forth the meals for challenge participants. 

Clean Meals' goal is to help free time for people participating in the challenge and relieve them of worry about meal prep for the weekdays. 

Our research shows us that F45 members spend an average of $103/week for 5 days of meal groceries alone. Plus the 10-12 hours of time spent for shopping, cooking and cleaning. Clean Meals plays an important role to help you free up those 10-12 hours / week for as low as $23/week. Clean Meals F45 Challenge meals range from $126/week - $139.99/week plus taxes, in return you can enjoy the extra 10-12 hours each week. 

As per the collaboration, Clean Meals is also offering a special discounted rate for the challenges if they’re willing to do the 4 or full 8 week commitment!

The Challenge is a great way to push yourself towards achieving your fitness goals, all meanwhile eating delicious and most importantly, healthy regulated meals created for you by two leaders in health and fitness.