Clean Meals Changed My Life!

Clean Meals is always fresh, super tasty, extremely healthy and very reasonably priced. With their weekly delivery and quck and easy heating instructions eating healthy couldn’t be easier or more fun.

Shirley Barnes

Common Questions

How Does It Work?

Once you choose your meals and place your order, we prepare your food fresh and deliver it in a sealed, microwaveable and oven friendly containers to keep the food fresh tasting great for up to 5 days of the delivery. All you have to do is take the meal out of the fridge, heat it and enjoy.

Are the meals frozen?

No, all our meals are prepared from fresh produce & delivered chilled. While in storage the temperature of the meal is always between 0°C - 3°C.

How Do I heat The Meals?

All our meal containers are BPA free, microwaveable and oven friendly. For heating instructions please visit:

What about allergies?

As we do not allow individual ingredient substitution to the meals, which is why we have put all the ingredients on each meal’s page. This will allow you to ensure you don’t pick anything you don’t wish to ingest. This also applies to allergies like dairy, nuts, likes and or dislikes.